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Toy Story 4 Full Movie: “Toy Story 4” Walt Disney Pictures apparently Toy Story 4 will not only mark the end of the toy franchise, but will be a turning point in Pixar’s proposal. In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Toy Story 4 producer Mark Nielsen said that after the premiere of the new adventures of Woody, Buzz, and company, the studio will focus on presenting original films instead of continuations of their past stories.


This change would come from the direction that Pete Docter (Up) aims to capture as the company’s Creative Director. A charge he took a few months ago after Pixar’s previous manager, John Lasseter, walked away from the study amid accusations of harassment.

“There is a lot of optimism about the future of the study,” Nielsen said of Docter’s role. “He really is looking for new voices and carrying the development group. All are original films after this. “

In recent years Pixar has presented several original films if we consider Coco, The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out. But its last premiere was The Incredibles 2, and now the company is preparing for the fourth movie of Toy Story, which evidently shows a tendency to the sequels.

However, that scenario would change under the direction of the head of Monsters, Inc., which has already set as the next release of the study for 2020 to Onward, a film directed by Dan Scanlan (Monsters University).

Woody, Buzz Lightyear and their friends will bring a new installment of “Toy Story”. The new story will have a new character. Forky is not a toy like the others. It is a disposable plastic fork that has trouble accepting its new role as a child’s toy. That’s why he escapes from the toy round.

As you remember, the first installment of “Toy Story” reached all theaters in 1995, directed by John Lasseter and produced by Pixar.

According to the first synopsis of “Toy Story 4”, Woody has always trusted his place in the world and that his priority is to take care of his child, either Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a new reluctant toy named Forky to her room, a road adventure with old and new friends will show Woody how great the world can be for a toy. “

At the end of “Toy Story 3” (2010), before leaving for college, Andy delivers his old toy to Bonnie, a small neighbor with the same degree of kindness and creativity, and while it seemed a close for Woody and company, at the end marked a new beginning that will be explored in “Toy Story 4”.

Not counting Coco, Pixar has only released sequels of his films the last four years: Cars 3, Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4, which is about to come out and apparently this movie will mark the end of an era for many things, not only for the toy franchise created by Disney / Pixar, but for all the sequels.

A report indicates that Pete Docter, the new boss of Pixar Animation, has been working on new original stories, in addition to adding fresh blood to the studio so that they will forget a little of the sequels during the following years and will give way to material cool. In addition producer Mark Nielsen said recently that the future of Pixar is marked by original concepts.

Starting with Onward, the original movie that will be released after Toy Story 4, but then everything is uncertain.

The next film is scheduled for 2020 and still has no title. The idea is that stories related to existing films (such as Monster INC.) Live in the new Disney + streaming system. That’s where we can see new adventures of Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E and Up.

On June 20, ‘Toy Stroy 4’ will arrive in Colombian theaters. The fourth film of this animated franchise that began in 1995, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases for this year.

In this way ‘Woody’ and ‘Buzz Lightyear’ return to the big screen after the premiere of the last film of the saga, in 2010 and, which had everything to be the final conclusion of the story. However, it seems that the producers have much more fabric to cut.

In this way, and according to the official synopsis. “‘Woody’ has always known his place in the world and that his priority is to take care of a child, either ‘Andy’ or ‘Bonnie’, but when the latter adds a new and reluctant toy called” Forky “to your room, a road trip adventure with old and new friends will show ‘Woody’ how big the world can be for a toy. “

On the other hand, in October 2018, Timm Allen, actor who dubbed ‘Buzz Lightyear’, said in an interview with The Talk, that the film will have very nostalgic scenes and that it even cost him to finish the last scene because of his emotional charge. This hinted that probably ‘Toy Stroy 4’ would be the most nostalgic movie of the saga.

However, recently Jonas Rivera, producer of the film, said in an interview with the Spanish media Sensacine, that in this fourth installment they have achieved a perfect balance between the nostalgic and the terrifying.

“We tried to balance it to the fullest, so we would get together the whole movie and see if there was too much nostalgia or if it was too scary, then we would correct it and readjust it until we thought it was good. the pace we thought was the most entertaining, “said Rivera.

After tormenting the toys in ‘Toy Story’, Sid appeared again turned into a trash can in ‘Toy Story 3’. At least that is the most consolidated theory among fans to see a character with his identical shirt in the third part.

According to a user of Reddit, what he does in his job is to rescue the toys that are thrown away, trying to help those he offended so much as a child. Now the film’s producer, Jonas Rivera has responded to one of the greatest theories about the character. “That’s great, I had not heard it, maybe I should, like, confirm it or something like that because it’s too good to let it go.

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